Achterberg, Theo van

Achterberg , Theo Van
Prof.  Theo  van  Achterberg 

Full Professor

Healthcare improvement science


Theo van Achterberg is professor of Nursing Science. In his research Theo van Achterberg focuses on patient care that is safe and an adequate support of self-management for patients, with special attention to the contribution of nurses and allied health professionals. A general objective is developing evidence for nurses and allied healthcare workers and promoting evidence based practice among these professionals. 

Interventions aimed at improving safety or self-management of patients are often complex, consisting of several parts. The systematic development of such interventions therefore often has special emphasis in a major part of nursing and allied health sciences research. Cooperating with patients and care professionals as well as attention to a sound theoretical basis are central issues here. 

Theo van Achterberg was trained as a health scientist, nurse and epidemiologist. He is a fellow and committee member of the European Academy of Nursing Science and a community leader within the International Honour Society of Nursing (STTI).