Gooszen, Hein

Gooszen , Hein
Prof.  Hein  Gooszen 

Full Professor

Tumors of the digestive tract


Hein Gooszen's research activities lie in the field of diagnosis and treatment of pancreatitis, more recently shifted into the direction of redesign of surgical care pathways for cancer. This interest originates back to his doctoral thesis in 1984 on segmental autotransplantation of the pancreas, a study in dogs. In 2002 he founded the Dutch Pancreatitis Study Group (DPSG) and nine nationwide randomized controlled trials under his chairman- and PI - ship, have been conducted since.  The DPSG has an international reputation and is leading the field of clinical research in acute and chronic pancreatitis.  In 2009 he moved to Nijmegen to lead the project of MITeC/Evidence Based Surgery. MITeC (Medical Innovation & Technology expert Centre) is a large conglomerate of all surgical disciplines in the Radboud UMCN, the Departments of Radiology, Pathology and Radiation Therapy, RUCO, the Technical Universities of Twente & Eindhoven and business. It is situated right in the heart of the OR complex and the ambition is to largely improve surgical care by application of innovative technology with focus on cost-effectiveness as the key element (Evidence Based Surgery, EBS, prof M.M. Rovers). The long term ambition of MITeC to reduce health care pathways (calculated from the day of surgery and to the end of clinical and outpatient treatment at from 6 - 8 weeks after surgery) to one day. Challenges are to largely improve intraoperatieve tissue diagnosis, develop MRI compatible robotics and intraoperative radiotherapy under the umbrella of EBS.  This redesign of the operative and postoperative process will be developed in close collaboration with RUCO.