Hermens, Rosella

Hermens , Rosella
Dr  Rosella  Hermens 

Associate Professor

Women's cancers


Dr. Rosella Hermens' research program focuses on measuring and improving quality of care in the hospital as well as the multi-agency setting, with an emphasis on integrated care. An important theme in her research is the quality of integrated care for cancer and gynecologic patients. Main topics are the development of valid and reliable quality indicators for these patient groups, methods for effective feedback of quality measurements and innovative methods to improve integrated care, particularly regarding effectiveness and efficiency, with an important role of the patient.

Dr. Rosella Hermens is a biomedical scientist/epidemiologist and as senior researcher affiliated to IQ healthcare, division Hospital & Integrated Care. Additionally, she is an invited lecturer and senior researcher at the KU-Leuven and supports the set-up of a Belgian Centre for Quality of Care Research.