Kampman, Ellen

Kampman , Ellen
Prof.  Ellen  Kampman 

Full Professor

Tumors of the digestive tract


The research line is focused on diet in cancer prevention and progression. With Ellen Kampman's appointment at the Radboud University Medical Center in 2005 for 0.2 fte, this research is conducted in fruitful collaboration with Wageningen University where she is fully employed as a Full Professor in Diet and Cancer. Studies are multidisciplinary conducted with gastro-enterologists, geneticists, oncologists, pathologists, biochemists, dieticians and epidemiologists. Several prospective cohorts are ongoing in those with sporadic and inherited (Lynch Syndrome) cancer. Overweight and body composition  in colorectal, breast, prostate and bladder cancer is a major focus. In October 2010, her additional appointment as Professor at VUMc was the start of a collaboration between the three universities.