Melis, Rene

Melis , Rene
Dr  René  Melis 

Assistant Professor

Healthcare improvement science


Central theme of Dr. Melis' research is heterogeneity in ageing (frailty, disability, multimorbidity). His focus is on understanding why some people accumulate many different (health) problems when they age (pathological ageing), how this influences their lives as they age (prognosis) and what can be done to improve their outcome (intervention: self management, integrated care, e-health). Dementia is a disease model that is often used in his studies to study heterogeneity in aging.

My research projects focus specifically on two questions:

• How do physical (frailty, multimorbidity and disability) and cognitive predictors interact to explain heterogeneity in outcomes of ageing
• How can we - with this knowledge - improve the care for frail older people with cognitive decline and other complex and interacting problems and thus improve their quality of life, and support their caregivers.

Trained as physician and senior epidemiologist Dr Melis is currently working as assistant professor at the Department of Geriatric Medicine. With the aim to have a substantial societal impact and using methods from epidemiology, health economics as well as qualitative research, he is active in multidisciplinary, cross-cutting research into better care for elderly.


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