Prins, Judith

Prins , Judith
Prof.  Judith  Prins 

Full Professor

Women's cancers

The research activities of Judith Prins lie in the field of psycho-oncology, with a focus on screening and matched psychological care. Since her doctoral dissertation in 2004 (Cognitive behavior therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome) her clinical and research interest have been directed at effectiveness of psychological interventions for patients with somatic conditions. Randomized controlled trials are being conducted on web based self-management, nurse-led supportive care, group medical consultations and e-health psychological interventions for cancer patients. Related research activities are the development of new screening instruments for distress and empowerment, the primary outcomes, and prospective studies in cancer patient cohorts, from diagnosis through survivorship to palliative care. A new and understudied psychological construct is fear of cancer recurrence. Theoretical models are tested to find the central conscious and unconscious processes to be addressed in psychological interventions.