Scheepers, Paul

Scheepers , Paul
Dr ir  Paul  Scheepers  

Associate Professor

Healthcare improvement science


Paul Scheepers is interested in research of safe use of chemicals and more in particular the health risk of use of exogenous substances for consumers, healthcare workers and patients. This is achieved by analysis of biological indicators (biomarkers) of exposure, susceptibility and effect. With his team he develops new biomarkers and he is also involved in new applications of biomarkers in public health research. He obtained his MSc with honors at Wageningen University in 1988 in the field of environmental sciences. He obtained a PhD based on his research on biomarkers of exposure to diesel exhaust at the department of Toxicology of the RUMC. He studied the formation of addition products (adducts) of nitrated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from diesel exhaust to proteins. In 1994 he was appointed assistant professor in toxicology. He coordinated several EU projects on biological monitoring of exposure to carcinogenic substances. In 1998 he started the workgroup "Risk evaluation and molecular epidemiology" at the present dept. for Health Evidence and he founded the "Research Lab Molecular Epidemiology". He initiated the major "Human Health Risk Assessment (HRA)" in the educational programme of Biomedical Sciences. In 2007 he initiated the inter-faculty master track "Human and Environmental Risk Assessment (HERA)" as a collaboration with the Department of Environmental Sciences. He obtained an associated professorship in 2007 and became principal lecturer in 2009. He has been a European Registered Toxicologist (SMBWO/ERT) since 1997, a certified and registered Occupational Hygienist (RAH) since 2001 and Public Health Advisor HazMat (GAGS) since 2007.