Schoonhoven, Lisette

Schoonhoven , Lisette
Dr  Lisette  Schoonhoven 

Assistant Professor

Healthcare improvement science


Lisette Schoonhoven's research into patient safety is embedded in the research line 'effectiveness and safety of nursing and allied health care'. Her research focusses on adequate implementation of evidence based practice in nursing, risk assessment, prevention of common complications and provision of comfort in every day patient care. The research topics concern single unintended harm (e.g. infections, pressure ulcers, falls, medication errors, malnutrition) as well as safety topics at the organizational level (e.g. the influence of organisational factors, teams and networks, culture in the worksetting, and leadership). Since two years Lisette holds a parttime appointment as associate professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton, UK. Here she studies skin health, in particular pressure ulcers and incontinence associated dermatitis. Pressure ulcer prevention was also the topic of Lisette's PhD in 2003.