Atsma, Femke

Atsma, Femke
Dr  Femke  Atsma 

Assistant Professor

Healthcare improvement science


Dr. Femke Atsma is an epidemiologist and methodologist at the department of IQ healthcare, Radboud University Medical Center. She is specialized in the field of methodology and statistics in quality of healthcare studies. As head of IQ Methodology and Statistics, she is leading a team with statisticians and methodologist and provides as such methodological and statistical support to researchers of IQ healthcare. Furthermore, Femke is project leader of several projects regarding quality of health research for external partners. Femke completed her PhD thesis in 2005 at the Julius center UMC Utrecht about reproductive factors and  cardiovascular disease. From 2005 until 2012 she worked as a senior researcher at Sanquin Research, where she conducted biomedical research in blood donors with a special focus on the research methodology of blood donor research and large donation data files.  In 2012 she moved to IQ healthcare from the Radboudumc.