Hooijmans, Carlijn

Hooijmans, Carlijn
Dr  Carlijn  Hooijmans 

Assistant Professor

Cancer development and immune defense


Dr. Carlijn Hooijmans obtained her PhD in 2008, which focussed on preventive dietary effects on the development of Alzheimer disease in animal models.
Dr. Hooijmans currently works as an assistant professor at the departments of Anesthesiology and SYRCLE (SYstematic Review Centre for Laboratory animal Experimentation, www. SYRCLE.nl).
Her mission is to improve the quality of animal studies and the translation of animal research for human medicine.
She is now involved in setting up a new research topic for the departments of anesthesiology, regarding the effects of anesthetics and analgesics on the development of cancer metastasis. To this effect systematic reviews and meta-analysis are carried out in cooperation with the SYRCLE department.
Moreover, at the department of SYRCLE she is responsible for education, coaching and developing methodology and tools for conducting systematic reviews and meta-analysis in preclinical research.
She has an extensive experience in designing animal experiments and reducing methodological bias of animal studies. She has also designed the Gold Standard Publication Checklist (GSPC): a checklist for improving the design and reporting quality of animal experiments (Hooijmans et al. ATLA 2010). This work was awarded as most significant contribution to Laboratory animal sciences in Switzerland in 2010. A higher quality of animal studies and systematic reviews and meta-analysis are expected to lead to a more significant impact on health care.