Stalmeier, Peep

Stalmeier , Peep
Dr  Peep  Stalmeier 

Assistant Professor

Women's cancers


Dr. Stalmeier's interests are in patient involvement and in Quality of Life. His work in patient involvement is about patient decision aids, shared decision making, patient-doctor communication,  patient preferences, human decision making, and human information processing. His work in Quality of life focusses on utility assessment and irrational behavior.

HIs research on shared decision making has resulted in many publications dealing with the development and evaluation of decision aids, the estimation of numeric risks for prognosis and side-effects of treatments, and preference assessment. Studies involved patients with different types of cancer, including larynx, (advanced) breast, colorectal and prostate cancer.

Dr. PFM Stalmeier is a senior researcher at the Radboudumc, in the department of Health Evidence.

National & International Personal Prizes & Awards

  • Development, test, and evaluation of a decision aid for prostate cancer screening. Zon-MW VIMP 2013.
  • Joint Implementation Prostate cancer PAtient-centered care (JIPPA). Health Insurer CZ 2013. 
  • Chemotherapy or not: Distribution of decision aids for patients with advanced cancer. Innovationfund Health Insurers, 2011.
  • Implementation of decision aids in clinical practice by nurses: barriers and facilitators according to nurses and physisicans. Pink Ribbon, 2010.
  •  Patient involvement in the choice between prostatectomy and radiotherapy for prostate cancer: what about regret? Dutch Cancer Society, KUN 2007-3809.
  •  Patient informed choice between palliative chemotherapy and best supportive care. Dutch Cancer Society, KUN 2006-3465.
  • Shared decision making in Oncology. Personal Grant (3 x 2 years). Dutch Cancer Society, KUN 2005-3457.
  •  Patient involvement in prostate cancer treatment decisions. Dutch Cancer Society, KUN 2001-2379.
  •  Shared Decision Making in women at high risk for breast/ovarian cancer. Dutch Cancer Society, KUN 1997-1585.
  • The Value Based Health Care prize 2014 on Collaboration, for the  JIPPA study: a collaborative implementation project on decision aids for prostate cancer (2014)