Stevens-Kroef, Marian

Stevens - Kroef, Marian
Dr  Marian  Stevens-Kroef 

Assistant Professor

Rare cancers


Dr. Marian Stevens-Kroef is specialized in cytogenetic diagnostics (karyotyping, FISH and microarray-based genomic profiling) of leukemia samples. Her main goal is to improve genetic diagnostics of cancer by introducing new technologies such as microarray-based genomic profiling and next generation sequencing approaches in diagnostics.
She is one of the organizers of the International workshops on cancer genetic & cytogenetic diagnostics which were held in Nijmegen and the chair of the Dutch working group of Tumor Cytogenetics (WHGD).

Dr. Marian Stevens-Kroef studied Medical Biology at the University of Utrecht, followed by
a PhD at the department of Hematology of the Leiden University Medical Center. In 1996 she continued her carrier as a Clinical Laboratory Geneticist in Maastricht Medical Center and in the Radboud university medical center (from 2003).