External PhD candidates

For those who are interested in academic research and may even have thought of a research topic for a PhD already, it might be interesting to know that one does not have to be employed by Radboud University while doing one's PhD. It is also possible to become an external PhD candidate. As such, you will receive support in conducting research and writing a thesis from one of our professors, who acts as your provisional PhD supervisor. You and your PhD supervisor must make agreements ont this collaboration. A number of things have been arranged somewhat differently for external PhD candidates than for regular PhD candidates who are employed by the university. Information for external PhD candidates is available at the website of the Radboud University either in Dutch or English.

The objective of the RIHS PhD program is to provide all PhD candidates, regardless of their full-time or part-time status, with an education within the domain of health sciences, which is both broadly based and uniquely focused. Trained doctoral scientists graduating from the Institute should have mastered the necessary tools to independently design, conduct and report studies in the field of health sciences. In addition to research skills, RIHS graduates should have obtained a core set of generic skills, related to communication, ethics & social environment, career management, self-reflection, project and time management and teamwork.