Finish your PhD

Regulations regarding submitting your thesis
Regulations regarding submitting your thesis can be found in the Radboud University Nijmegen Doctoral Regulations.

Thesis requirement guidelines of the Radboud university medical center can be found here.

Press coverage of doctoral graduation ceremonies
Doctoral graduation ceremonies often give the media a chance to report on academic research. The Radboudumc science information officers play a role in this publicity by announcing doctoral graduation ceremonies through various channels. The information below describes how they publicize these ceremonies, and what you can do to profile your research.

Science agenda
All doctoral graduation ceremonies are announced in the Science agenda on the Radboudumc website, a page regularly accessed by journalists. Please submit the information below, preferably eight weeks before your graduation ceremony, to science information officer Anne van Kessel:

  • The doctoral graduation form, both in Dutch and in English;
  • The Dutch and English summaries as they will appear in your thesis;
  • Your curriculum vitae, in the format described in the Science agenda, both in Dutch and English.

Preparing for contact with the media
If the media shows interest in your doctoral research, they will contact the science information office. They will pass the request for information on to you and give you specific advice.

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Science agenda
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Printing your thesis can be a costly affair. Lucky for you the RIHS PhD Council has arranged a discount with All PhD candidates get a 20% discount (with a minimum €250,- and a maximum of €500,-) OR a lowest price guarantee  when PhD candidates present an offer from another Dutch printer! Make sure to mention that you are with the Radboud Institute for Health Sciences when you order, and the discount will be applied! 


Thesis lay-out
Via this link it is possible to subscribe a contest to design a lay-out for your thesis. Designing your lay-out by a professional is usually more expensive.

Reimbursement of thesis printing costs
For RIHS PhD candidates the Radboud University Nijmegen regulations for the reimbursement of thesis printing costs apply. Requests for reimbursement should be handed in within six months after the costs have been incurred. The maximum of reimbursement is 2,200 EUR for each PhD candidate. Further information (DutchENG)

Graduation bonus for researchers in training 
A graduation bonus for researchers in training within the Radboudumc is included in the CAO-UMC. The Radboudumc awards a EUR 750,- to an OIO who successfully graduates with a doctoral degree during the period of employment. For more information, see the CAO UMC 2015-2017, Article 17.4.4 (Dutch, ENG).

Transition allowance
Since July 1st 2016, the Radboudumc pays the transition allowance for PhD candidates with ‘onderzoeker in opleiding’ contracts that are or will be terminated from July 1th 2016 onwards without being renewed. More information in Dutch or English.

Sponsoring thesis by RIHS
See link.

PostDoc platform
Postdoc Career Development Initiative (PCDI) organizes a retreat, mini conferences, life science company visits, and has an interesting website, containing e.g. descriptions of different role models (academia, companies, private-public partnerships, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurship).

As an (almost) post-doc you will have to generate your own money. You can apply for several grants, of which a selection can be found here: