Registration in Hora est

It is mandatory for all Radboudumc PhD candidates to register (immediately) in Hora Est. Hora Est serves PhDcandidates, supervisors, scientific directors, the department, the Dean and the Registrar of the University. Moreover, it helps to monitor every PhD project from the beginning, as soon as the PhD candidate finds a doctoral thesis supervisor (promotor), until the actual doctoral graduation ceremony.

During registration in Hora Est you have to choose a research institute / Graduate School. The Graduate School you register with is usually the same as the institute of your daily supervisor. If you are unsure, contact your daily supervisor or (co)promotor. If your query remains unsolved please contact us.

Via the Hora Est - Training & Supervision Plan (TSP) functionality the progress of your PhD track will be monitored from registration to graduation. Hora Est - TSP works on the basis of milestones, such as ‘approval TSP at 3 months'. The milestones are defined by the Graduate School and implemented according to the type of PhD contract (e.g. envisaged duration, % fte research). Each milestone has a set of associated documents to be uploaded by the PhD candidate and approved by the supervisor(s) and Graduate School. Specific milestones will be automatically rolled out and you will be notified via automatic e-mails.

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