PhD committees

PhD Council Radboud Institute for Health Sciences
The RIHS PhD Council represents the interests of PhD candidates within the Institute and acts as a liaison between the Institute's management team and its PhD candidates .

Nijmegen PhD Council PON
The Nijmegen PhD Council PON  (Promovendi Overleg Nijmegen) is the consultative body for all PhD candidates of the Radboud University Nijmegen (including the University Medical Center). PON's three main objectives are to inform PhD candidates about their rights as PhD candidates and the procedures with regard to obtaining a PhD, to organise social activities for PhD candidates , and to promote the interests of Nijmegen PhD candidates in the university's Works Council (OR or Ondernemingsraad). The PON also helps with practical matters related to living and working in Nijmegen.

PhD candidates Network of the Netherlands PNN (Promovendi Netwerk Nederland)
The main objective of PNN is to safeguard the interests of all PhD candidates , regardless of whether they are employed at a Dutch University, a University Medical Center, or otherwise engaged with PhD research. PNN promotes the interests of PhD candidates at the national level.

Radboud Postdoc Initiative
The Radboud Postdoc Initiative (RPI) is a source of information regarding postdoc related issues. In addition it creates a platform to facilitate discussions amongst postdocs at the same point of their career and promotes local collaboration and networking opportunities. The RPI includes postdocs working at the Radboudumcr. The platform is run by postdocs and is intended to support postdocs and final year PhD candidates.