Graduate school affiliation

Since 1 January 2014, Radboudumc PhD candidates are affiliated with one of these three graduate schools:

Rules governing determination of Graduate School affiliation

  1. All PhD candidates must register in hora est and with either (i) Donders/DCN, (ii) RIHS or (iii) RIMLS Graduate School.
  2. The PhD candidates' Graduate School affiliation must be the same as the institute affiliation of their daily supervisor.
    Exception: candidates that started before June 2012 may discuss with their supervisor which graduate school offers the best affiliation for the remainder of their project i.e. affiliation is not necessarily the same as your supervisor.
  3. The affiliation may differ from the affiliation of the promotor.
  4. PhD candidates that started in one Graduate School but complete their training in another may decide which Graduate School certificate to request.