RIHS sponsors your PhD thesis

The KNAW accredited Radboud Institute for Health Sciences strives for excellence in research and education. The Institute considers a tailor-made training of PhD candidates as one of its most important tasks. In order to promote this training, while simultaneously increasing the visibility of the Institute, the Radboud Institute for Health Sciences sponsors your thesis for an amount of € 250 (gross). This amount comes on top of the printing costs for which you can be reimbursed by your department. The condition for this sponsoring by the Institute is that you fulfill the following requirements:

  1. You have a Training and Supervison Plan (TSP) that is approved by the Institute's Training and Supervision Committee.
  2. You have finalized your training as defined in your TSP.
  3. You mention in your thesis (e.g. inside of the front cover) "The work presented in this thesis was carried out within the Radboud Institute for Health Sciences".
  4. You list your itemized training portfolio according to a predefined format in your thesis. The portfolio must contain the Institute's logo and the combined Radboudumc / Radboud University logo.
  5. You place the Institute's logo at the back cover of your thesis (as shown in the cover example, so including the white bar at the bottom).
  6. Please make sure that you send the concept thesis to us (rihs@radboudumc.nl) for approval before it is being printed !