A Personal Touch of Heinz-Peter Janke

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Please learn more about colleagues in our "Personal Touch" series setting employees in the spotlight. A light-hearted manner to learn about the colleagues you know and those you don't!.

This week: (Heinz) Peter Janke






1. Name, nationality, current function, department & theme?
(Heinz) Peter Janke, German. PhD student and Marie Curie fellow at the Department of Urology – Experimental Urology with focus on Tissue Engineering. Theme within the RIMLS: Reconstructive and regenerative medicine.

2. When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up? Can you tell us something about your childhood years. 
Mhhh… The typical stuff. I wanted to be a fire fighter, police officer etc. Seriously, I had a quiet active childhood. In summer, we played a lot outside and it took a while to find all the friends in my village because we had no whatsapp or even a mobile phone. In winter, we used to play with the Gameboy or Nintendo 64.

3. What was your previous academic training, where did you study and why did you choose that study/those studies? 
I studied Biomedical Engineering in Aachen, Germany. I got my “Bachelor of Engineering” in 2010 and finished my studies with a master degree (Master of Science) in 2012. Afterwards, I worked as an research assistant in Aachen. Since November 2013, I am here in Nijmegen. I have chosen this field of study because of its wide field of subjects and disciplines (medicine, biology, physics, engineering). 

4. The RIMLS motto is ‘to understand molecular mechanisms of disease’. What does this mean for you?
It’s only one piece of the puzzle to find novel treatments and ways to regenerate diseased tissue up to organs. 

5. Which international scientist inspires/inspired you the most? Please give a motivation why.
Da Vinci! We was a medical scientist, artist, architect, astronomer and engineer meaning that he was not only focused on one theme. To solve problems, we have to look from different perceptivities. I think this is the key to be successful.

6. Which research discovery that you have made has made you most proud?
Actually I have developed polymeric coupled helical coils which have the same strength/elasticity as native tubular urological tissues like ureter or the urethra. This coils will act as a “backbone’’ to create novel tubular scaffolds for the reconstruction and/or regeneration of tubular tissues. Interested in coupled helical coils? – Come and visit me!

7. Given unlimited finance what experiment would you perform?
An spinning manufacturing belt -to create my coupled helical coils automatically- would be nice.

8. What does your working area (desk, office) look like and what does it say about you (or your research)? 
Well organized! Ask my colleagues -;)

9. Nominate a colleague to be in the spotlight and what would you like to ask him or her? 
Simone Mastrogiacomo. “Simone, when are we going to make the YouTube video about our research’’?

10. What type of person are you, quick insights:

a) Mac or PC?:          PC
b) Theater of cinema?: Cinema
c) Dine out or dine in?: Dine out
d) Ferrari or Fiat?:     Fiat
e) Shopaholic or chocoholic?:        Shopaholic
f) Culture or Nature?: Nature


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