Innovative patch for hole in the diaphragm

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Please help us get funding for research on natural materials to close the diaphragm in babies born with congenital diaphragmatic hernia by liking the movie on the Facebook page “Patient zoekt onderzoeker” If we get the most likes, we could perform a year of research on this topic. 

An innovative patch developed in the Radboud University Medical Centre for babies with a hole in the diaphragm, can win the Medical Inspirer Award. Visitors to the Facebook page “Patient zoekt onderzoeker” can help to get a biodegradable patch developed, by liking the movie by Sanne Botden, pediatric surgeon in training.  

The Radboud University Medical Centre is currently developing a degradable patch for babies with a hole in the diaphragm in cooperation with patients with CDH (congenital diaphragmatic hernia in full). It is a natural patch to be placed so that new diaphragm is formed. This allows these children to breathe better and get a better quality of life.  

Normal diaphragm: 
Sanne: "The current patch to close the hole in the diaphragm in babies is stiff, not growing and gives complications. We want to develop a new patch with biological components added to it, which have to ensure that new and normal diaphragm is formed and the patch will slowly degraded. Colleagues the Department of Biochemistry will be preparing such a new patch. Besides Sanne, scientific researcher Willeke Daamen and pediatric surgeon Ivo de Blaauw are involved in this idea. Sanne: "With this award we can finally get to work. We expect three to five years to be able to use the patch."  

Pediatric surgeon in training Sanne Botden hopes that the Medical Inspirer Award will help in the development of this innovative patch for babies with a hole in the diaphragm.

The price: 
The Medical Inspirer Award is awarded for the first time this year. It is a prize for the best project for an innovative medical product that is written by a patient and investigator. The winner receives 50.000 euro to perform research. The award is an initiative of the program Medical Products New and Necessary (MPNN) of ZonMW.  

Annually sixty babies are born in the Netherlands with a hole in the diaphragm. In children with a large hole forty percent dies despite of receiving a patch. Fifty percent of babies keep chronic lung problems. Young father Frank Meijer experienced firsthand what it is like to have a child with CHD. In the Radboud University Medical Centre, he found among others Sanne to write the project plan. Watch the story of Frank and go to the Facebook page "Patient seeks researcher” and like the project

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Sanne Botden (Paediatric Surgery, photo up) and Willeke Daamen (Biochemistry)



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