A personal touch of Rahwa Tadddese

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This week: Rahwa Taddese






1. Name, nationality, current function, department & theme?
Rahwa Taddese, Eritrean descendent with German nationality, PhD candidate, Department of Pathology, theme Tumors of the digestive tract. 

2. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? Can you tell us something about your child years. 
As a child I wanted to be a medical doctor but I was also interested in how things work on molecular level. So I became a scientist. My parents thought me and my siblings to follow our dreams and more importantly to never give up. 

3. What was your previous academic training, where did you study and why that study?
I studied Applied Biology (BSc) in Germany where I went a year abroad in my last year. In that year I received an additional degree in Molecular Biology (BSc Hons - honours degree) from University of Dundee, Scotland, UK. For my masters I went back to my German university  (University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhine-Sieg) and studied Biomedical Science (MSc). 

These studies enabled me to study diseases on molecular level which was interesting for me. Plus the study courses offered a broad range of subjects which was great since I didnt want to settle down in a specific field yet. 

4. The RIMLS motto is ‘to understand molecular mechanisms of disease’. What does this mean for you?
My PhD project about the role of gut bacteria in colorectal cancer represents the RIMLS motto. I am identifying which bacteria support or inhibit cancer cell proliferation. Soon, we will identify the mechanisms involved in these observed effects. 

5. Who is your great example as scientists? And please give a motivation why.
Albert Einstein never ceases to amaze me. He lived through both world wars, was vegetarian and a genius. Apart from his wisdom, I also love his crazy hair since mine looks the same sometimes. 

6. Which research discovery that you have made has made you most proud? 
Fortunately I'm on the right track to make a grand research discovery in my field. So stay tuned... 

7. Given unlimited finance what experiment would you perform?
I would start a huge project to investigate the role of gut bacteria in multiple diseases such as colorectal cancer, obesity, cardiovascular diseases etc. 

8. What does your working area (desk, office) look like and what does it say about you (or your research)?
My desk is partly messy but I still know where everything is. There is always an order in my mess. I also write down my thoughts and ideas. So there are post-it notes everywhere. 

9. Nominate a colleague to be in the spotlight and what would you like to ask him or her?
I would like to ask my supervisor Dr. Annemarie Boleij this: how did you manage to write 9 papers during your PhD project?  

10. What type of person are you, quick insights:
a) Mac or PC?                             : Mac
b) Theater or cinema?                 : Cinema
c) Dine out or dine in?                 : Dine out
d) Ferrari or Fiat?                        : Neither, Tesla
e) Shopaholic or chocoholic?     : Both
f) Culture or Nature                     : Culture


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